Lime Files (LF) is a file searching engine that helps users finding images, archives, documents, or other file types on the web for legal uses only. Daily updates, very light design and easy to navigate makes limefiles a very nice website to use.

    Limefiles doesn't host files on his servers it just collect metadata for each file like download url, file name, file size, description etc.

    Limefiles goals is to provide its service not only just free but also safe and without adult content. The minimum protection for this objective are stop words. Contents that contain such words on metadata are almost impossible to collect by our system or to search on database.

    Limefiles also provides API for registered users. Using our APIs (Application Programming Interface) you may create file links on (LF) and by doing this your website will benefit from LF audience. This is a very good opportunity for file sharing websites. Read more about limefiles API .

    Version: 1.0